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Steel Industry

Jan. 05, 2019

MEIYUAN ceramic fiber products series, high quality ceramic fiber blanket, high density and high strength ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber textile and other special products are widely applied in the area of Iron&Steel industry. Our customers will be brought significant energy savings and safer working environment through using these products.

Typical applicationProduct
Coke Furnace
Coke furnace door sealCeramic Fiber Tape/ Ceramic Fiber Rope
Standpipe sealCeramic Fiber Tape/ Ceramic Fiber Rope
Hot repairCeramic Fiber Blanket/ Ceramic Fiber Paper
Backup insulationCeramic Fiber Board
Blast furnace
Iron tap channel and Slag ditch coverCeramic Fiber Blanket
Refractory backup of Iron tap channel and Slag ditchCeramic Fiber Board
Torpedo coverCeramic Fiber Blanket
Steel making and refining process
Airproof of dummy barCeramic Fiber Tape/ Ceramic Fiber Rope
Electric Cable Fire ProtectionCeramic Fiber Tape
Ladle coverCeramic Fiber Module
Splash proofCeramic Fiber Blanket/ Ceramic Fiber Board / Ceramic Fiber Textile
Ladle backup insulationCeramic Fiber Board
Submerged nozzleCeramic Fiber Paper
Long NozzleCeramic Fiber Paper
Steel rolling
Heating furnaceCeramic Fiber Module
Annealing furnaceCeramic Fiber Module

Steel Industry Steel Industry Steel Industry

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